About our Products

Steel Framing Products and Systems

Our goal from the beginning has been to provide products of superior quality and to be able to adapt to the needs of our customers; with this in mind, we source only the best materials to manufacture our profiles, the steel we use is imported from Italy (we only stock prime material).

Cold-formed steel offers the strength, durability and stability needed for framing applications. From a sustainable construction standpoint, the material is ideal for new construction and commercial renovation projects. Unlike wood, it’s noncombustible, corrosion- and mold-resistant, termite-proof, made with high recycled content, reduces on-site construction waste, and can be recycled at the end of the structure’s life cycle. Cold-formed steel framing products are 100% recyclable, and can be locally or regionally sourced for most projects.



The coating on our coils is G40 which is recommended by the framing industry, our products are over 55 KSI to give more hardness

What is G40

To explain the meaning of G40, the alpha character “G” stands for “hot-dipped galvanized zinc” and the number following it represents the total amount of zinc in ounces per square foot contained on both sides of the sample. For instance, a G40 contains .4 ounces of zinc per square foot total on both sides. When using a coating other than a G40, to ensure “equivalent corrosion resistance,” a G40-coated steel sample should be tested side-by-side , with the specimens under consideration to ensure equivalent corrosion resistance.

ASTM C645 requires steel stud members to have a protective coating conforming to Specification A653/A653M—G40 minimum or have a protective coating with an equivalent corrosion resistance. In addition to the protective coating requirement, ASTM A1003 requires that for the addition of a new non-structural steel coating, stud products must be capable of surviving a minimum of 75 hours in an ASTM B117 salt-spray test with less than 10% loss of coating—commonly measured by red rust.